Frequently asked Questions

Q:How do you describe an Australian Labradoodle?

A: The labradoodles body is slightly heavier than a standard poodle. The muzzle is slightly narrower than a Labrador retriever. The length of the coat is anywhere from 4-6 inchs long. Colors vary from apricot, chocolate, black and silver, gold, reds, cream colors.

Q: Are Australian Labradoodles good with children?

A: Yes, they are great for children and even get along well with other pets. They are very smart, sociable and well tempered. Our dogs our raised with our 2 children in our home. 

Q: Will my Labradoodle have to visit the groomer?

A: Our labradoodles will have a wavy fleece coat that will range 4-6 inches long. To keep the coat maintained it is recommended to do daily brushes and regular visits to a groomer.

Q: Do you offer transportation if I am unable to come pick up my puppy?

A: Yes, we can hand deliver your pup! Price depends on mileage. We can also fly your puppy to your nearest airport at your expense. 

Q: What comes with the puppy?

A: Our puppies come with their health records, spayed or neutered, 3 days of puppy food, puppy blanket, a puppy collar, leash, a few small puppy toys, microchip, unlimited puppy snuggles and kisses!