About Us🐶

Who are we?🐶

Welcome to Luscious Labradoodles! My name is Amber, my husband Shawn and I have been married for 10 yrs  We are a small, home town breeder who specializes in medium size multi generation Australian Labradoodles. We are located in Whitesboro, TX. Whitesboro is about 45 min north of Dallas and 2 hrs south of Oklahoma City. Our dogs are raised in our home with our 2 daughters (Aubrey and Kinzley). We live near Lake Texoma and spend a lot of our summers on the water! Our Cameo loves boat rides and swimming with her human sisters!

Our Story 🐶

We began our journey with our sweet Cameo in December 2014. Cameo came from Agape Labradoodles in Colorado. When we laid our eyes on her it was love at first site! Here I was thinking we were purchasing a "dog" to satisfy the "mom..daddy...can we please get a puppy" phase of our children’s life but what we received was much more than that! We gained a family member, our family grew by 1 and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! We want to share the excitement we experienced in our daughters eyes with you and your family! 

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are house dogs from day one and are not whelped or raised outside. We do not own kennels and none of our dogs or puppies ever see a kennel. They are cherished and loved as all family pets should be.


Why luscious labradoodles? 🐶

Our mission is to provide the perfect addition to your family. Our dogs have undergone genetic testing to ensure your getting a top notch pet.  Austrilian labradoodles are easy to train, extremely loyal and intelligent, have low to no dog oder, loves being around people! They  make excellent family pets and love to snuggle. Australian labradoodles are breed to be an allergy/asthma/non shedding service dog....non shedding...yes you heard it right!! With Australian Labradoodles you don’t have to worry with having dog hair everywhere! This gives you more time to bond with your friend rather than cleaning up dog hair 24/7!  So if your looking for a therapy dog, a pet, or just your best friend then look no further! Call, text or email us today to reserve your puppy.